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Welcome to Truckers of America, Heavy Duty Axles manufacturer. Your one-stop-shop for high-quality heavy duty Axles for trailers and Parts. We are proud to serve the trucking industry and help drivers across America transport goods safely and efficiently. Our Axles for trailers are built to last, with superior craftsmanship and attention to detail that ensures smooth and safe ride. We are happy to offer our axles to large businesses and small ones.

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We manufacture high quality Heavy Duty Axles for trailers and suspensions, we have everything you need to minimize downtime and keep your trailer in top condition. Trust us to provide the best service and support for all your spare parts needs. In addition we offer 3 years warranty on all our axles. Our Axles can be used for new trailers or for trailer replacement axles.

What my clients say

"Truckers of America never disappoints. The axles are great, they were very service oriented and helped us through the process."
John D
"I'm impressed with the Axels I purchased from Truckers of America. The team was very helpful in guiding me through the customization process."
Sarah L.
"Truckers of America came through for me when I needed an heavy duty Axle on short notice. The process was seamless and the Axle was exactly what I needed."
Mark T.

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