Welcome to Truckers Of America’s Axle Collection – Where Precision Meets Performance. Our meticulously crafted axles are engineered to redefine your driving experience. From single axles to heavy-duty configurations, each product exemplifies durability, innovation, and a commitment to excellence. Explore our range and elevate your fleet’s efficiency with axles that set the standard on the road. additionally we offer 3 Years warranty on all our axles.

Heavy Duty Axles

Truckers Of America introduces our formidable Axle Collection, engineered for excellence on the open road. With a loading capacity of 24,000lb, our PSI-prepped sprung axles deliver unmatched durability and performance. Featuring Stemco hubs for precision and reliability, each axle is meticulously crafted with precision-machined spindles, forged carbon steel, and replaceable unitized oil seals, setting the industry standard for strength and alignment. Choose Truckers Of America axles for unparalleled quality and reliability, ensuring a smooth and efficient ride for your fleet.