Heavy Duty Axles

24K TOA Trailer Axle - 24,000 lb 16.5X7 Drum Break

Our Axles for trailers are designed to provide heavy-duty performance and reliable service. The axles have a tapered spindle type (N-Series) and have a nominal beam rating of 24,000 pounds.
These straight axles come equipped with a Haldex-style automatic slack adjuster bracket for effortless service and a stemco ProTorq spindle nut pack for added security and convenience.
The 16.5 x 7 drum brake size, 71.5" Track, Rome B-Lock brake shoe type, and standard service/spring chamber type guarantee superior stopping power and safety.
Additionally, the 10 hole, 11.25" BC wheel equipment is perfect for helping manage heavy loads and the semi-fluid grease wheel-end lube brand is Chevron to prolong the life of your axle.
The axles come complete with top spindle nut pack and wheel stud nuts, making installation a breeze. Finally, the hub-mounted oil seal vendor Stemc.

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